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Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index: The Biggest Winners and Losers

Watch out Forbes: Bloomberg recently released the Bloomberg Billionaires Index which ranks the world’s billionaires on a daily, instead of yearly, basis. The Daily Ticker sat down with Bloomberg Billionaires Editor Matt Miller to discuss who the big winners and losers were, new additions to the index, and what billionaires can teach us about our … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Shouldn’t Be ‘Black Thursday’: Target Employees

Retailers are hoping to get holiday-shoppers into their stores right after they finish their Thanksgiving turkey, but some store employees are pushing back. Shoppers checkout at a Target store in Falls Church, Virginia. REUTERS/Kevin LamarqueTarget (TGT), Toys R Us, Wal-Mart (WMT), Sears (SHLD) and Gap (GPS) are among the retailers that will throw open their … Continue reading

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Secret Ice Cream Fix

Warren Buffett’s $46 billion net worth makes him the world’s second-richest man. So while he certainly could afford multiple chefs, his own orange grove and all the Wheaties he wants, what does Buffett eat for breakfast? Ice cream. Haagen-Dazs to be exact. (And yes, Berkshire Hathaway owns Dairy Queen, not Haagen-Dazs. ) Buffett sat down … Continue reading

The Companies Where Everyone Wants to Work

For the fourth year in a row, business students from around the world rated Google as the company they would most like to work for. The World’s Most Attractive Employers 2012 report, produced by employer branding firm Universum, asked tens of thousands of business students from the 12 largest economies in the world to identify where they … Continue reading

Whole Food Market Inc.

Whole Foods Market Inc. (NASDAQ: WFM) is the world’s leading retailer of natural and organic foods.[1] WFM has ridden the health & wellness trend, thanks to consumers’ perception that organic foods are healthier than their non-organic counterparts. As a result, Whole Foods can charge a substantial premium for the products it carries. Whole Foods is the industry leader in … Continue reading

Make Money While You Sleep

The Bidify Opportunity Becoming an Affiliate Bidify is Bidsson’s global marketing division, where affiliates can qualify to earn rewards on every retail bid package they sell to Bidsson’s customers. The Bidify Affiliate To participate in the Bidify business opportunity you need to signup as a Bidify Affiliate. There is a low initial startupcost of €50.- and … Continue reading

What Do You Think About Gay Marriages

In historic first, gay marriage is approved by popular vote in Maine, Maryland In an historic election night for the gay rights movement, voters in Maine and Maryland became the first in the country to approve same-sex marriage, breaking a 32-state losing streak. According to the Associated Press, Maine passed a ballot measure legalizing it … Continue reading

Obama is Back

Obama’s lease renewed despite tough economic times Enlarge PhotoPresident Barack Obama , joined … Enlarge PhotoRepublican presidential candidate … WASHINGTON (AP) — His lease renewed in trying economic times,President Barack Obama claimed a second term from an incredibly divided electorate and immediately braced for daunting challenges and progress that comes only in fits and starts. “We have fought … Continue reading

Finding Jobs, But Working For Less Pay

Kecia Hawkins used to make $82,000 a year as an accountant for a health insurer before she was laid off two years ago. Earlier this week, the 47-year-old Bronx resident landed a part-time job installing computers. The pay: $10.25 an hour. Welcome to the job market in New York City, where the burgeoning ranks of … Continue reading

Obama, Romney to make their final case on last day of race

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama andRepublican challenger Mitt Romney make a frenetic dash to a series of crucial swing states on Monday, delivering their final arguments to voters on the last day of an extraordinarily close race for theWhite House. After a long, bitter and expensive campaign, national polls show Obama and Romney are essentially deadlocked ahead of Tuesday’s election, although Obama has a … Continue reading